Horticultural Obsidian Granules
For Potting and Garden Use

Use alone to store bulbs. Blend with peat moss for soil-less potting mix. As an aerator it is second to none and can be used in place of Vermiculite, Perlite, and Pumice. Mix when planting to loosen and aerate heavy clay soil. It allows roots to breathe and prevents the build-up of anaerobic bacteria. Being inert it is a natural PH stabilizer.


An Excellent Potting Media Additive:
For Loosening Heavy or Clay Garden Soils:
For Root Cuttings:
For Starting Seeds:
To Store Bulbs:
Use In Place of Vermiculite, Perlite, and Pumice:

Super all natural Horticultural Obsidian Granules for potting and soil conditioning is a unique product, believed found in only one location in the United States in such quantity. Its foamed porous obsidian cannot impart any harmful chemicals to you or the environment.


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