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Red Lava rock has been used in many projects:
 red lava rock boulders for gate ways  Red Lava rock for walkways  red lava rock walkways
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Red lava rock seems to be the most popular color of lava rock used in landscaping. But that is not all there is. We also have, Black lava rock.

You know, volcanoes vary in color.One minute we can be mining black rock and one scoop later it turns to red. So I have to say all black lava rock has some red in it and all red lava rock has black in it. However it seems to be easier to get a pure red than to get a pur black. The best we can do is to keep it mostly black and mostly red. Then if it is 50/50 we call it chocolate.

Within the color red, there are many variations of the color. It ranges from maroon to a burnt orange. Each pile is a mix of all red colors. It is impossible to seporate one red from another unless you picked the pieces out one by one and then they would still be different because the hue is always changing.

I had one guy ask me" Do lava rocks fade in the sun?" No, our rock is not atrificially dyed. It has been this color for years and will not fade. However, when it is wet, it will look a lot different that when it dries.

We have Red lava rock in 3/8 minus. It 3/8 inches in size down to redlava sand all in one product. the 3/4 inch red lava rock, 1 inch lava rock and 1 & 1/2 inch lava rock. We have any size you want in huge boulders as large as pick up trucks. We can load what ever you would like. Just make sure you truck can haul it!

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