Red Lava Rock for Landscaping

red lava rock for landscaping

The ever popular Red lava rock seems to be a favorite of landscaping professionals and home owners alike.

red lava rock for landscaping

red lava rock for landscaping

red lava rock for landscaping

red lava rock for landscaping

It is important to note that all sizes are relative to their ability to pass through are screening plant on a certain screen. Sometimes we get pieces that are lnger than their catogory. This is due to "Spearing" or the passing through of a longer than desired catogory. Therefore you may see pieces that are slightly larger than their catogory size.

Red Dome offers Red lava rocks or cinders for landscaping in five basic catogories.

  • 3/8 minus Red Lava Rocks

    This size includes everything from 3/8 inch rocks down to volcanic sand.
    Ice Melting, Deslicking Grit, Garden Mulching, Cinder Blocks

  • 3/4 inch Red Lava Rocks

    Popular for walkways or paths

  • 1 inch Red Lava Rocks

    Great for Drive Ways, Paths or Rock gardens

  • 1 & 1/2 inch Red Landscape Lava Rock

    Drive ways, Flower Beds, Rock Gardens & BBQs

  • Red Lava Rock Boulders of all sizes

    Lawn & Garden Decoration
  • Order a Sample---> Lava Rock Sample

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