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Here at Red Dome Lava Rocks Products we have a wide variety of lava rocks for your landscaping needs. Our smallest products start at 3/8" minus. That means little rocks that measure 3/8 of an inch on down to very fine lava rock dust. this has been a very popular product for melting ice on freeways and walkways. The very abrasive edges of foamed obsidian provide traction for people and vehicles to travel.

3/8 minus lava rocks are also great as a soil ammendment. They open up clay soils and give plants room to grow and breathe. This volcanic material is packed with nutrients that the plants can leach from the rocks and sand. Reading the story of Mt St. Hellens you will discover the boost to plant growth ofter the eruption. All of the natural nutrients are in volcanic material. Plants thrive with the proper minerals. Using small lava rocks or crushed lava rocks is helping to remineralize the amazon forest.

The Catrogory of lava rocks is very popular for landscaping and making a waterless landscape. lava rocks come in four main sizes. 1 &1/2 inch, 1 inch, 3/4 inch and boulders of all sizes. Whether you like to design patterns of colors or want the benifit of a waterless yard, lava rocks are a good way to achieve either. Some people like to make rock pathways while others like to accent with lava rock boulders. Some may wish to cover large areas that were once grass to help cut down the time and money spent on lawn and yard care. This also minimizes water consumption and saves resources for areas where they can be better spent.

Although most of our rock is foamed obsidian, we have some of the heavier boulders also. We do not process the hevier rock as it breaks our machines. These boulders are obsidian or Flint. Obsidian is what the native americans chipped into arrowheads. Most of our solid obsidian is brown, not shinny black. Obsidian is also called volcanic glass.

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