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The truth is that Lava Rock is a a misunderstood name. Lava is molten(liquid) rock that comes out of an erupting volcano. It is extremely hot, reaching temperatures as high as 1,300 to 2,000 degrees . When it cools,it forms igneous rock. Depending how long it takes to cool and where it cools, it can form different types of igneous rock. Basalt, cider, Obsidian, foamed obsidian & others are types of ingeous rock, Volcanic Rock.

Liquid rock is not always called lava. When the liquid rock is still underground it is called magma. The differences between magma and lava is basically made to make geological occurrences easier to understand and explain.

A volcano erupts when there is sufficient pressure underground from magma that contains gas bubbles. The trapped air bubbles are kept from erupting by pressure from layers of rock above them. When the gas pressure can increase enough that the bubbles begin to expand and rise, carry magma with them. When the rocks crack or a hole is found allowing magma to escape and enabling the bubbles to expand quicker, you get an erruption.

So you see, red dome cannot ship lava rock. It would melt your truck. But people call it lava rock any way. We ship volcanic rock. Lava that has come to the surface and cooled while being thrown in the air. Our Lava Rock is full of those tiny bubbles which make it a lot lighter than other rocks and lighter than lava rock that crawled along the ground. The lava flows, or the lava that crawled along the ground is more solid and lacks the air bubbles and is therefore a lot heavier.

Our volcano is a cinder cone.

Foamed Obsidian

Our volacno is made up of six digfferent lava flows. Each lava flow differs in hardness and rock type because of how it cooled. The part that we mine is called cinder, or foamed obsidian. You may be familiar with obsidian or as it is sometimes called, Flint. Obsidian is what arrow heads are made of by the native indians. Some times obsidian is called volcanic glass. It is very sharp like a broken bottle. However, there is a big difference between obsidian and foamed obsidian! Those gases in the magma never quite escaped and the obsidian never cooled in it's solid form. So now we have cinders, or foamed obsidian that is like glass with air pockets. It is very light compared to ther rocks or landscaping material.

Foamed obsidian is sharp with many fractured edges. This makes it great for traction on slippery and icy roads. But no so sharp that it cannot be use for landscaping material. We offer both red and black lava rock for landscaping in a variety of sizes from boulders to 3/8 minus.

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