Lava Rock in Utah

Lava rock in utah for landscaping

There are many Volcanoes in Utah. Every one differes in the quality and desity of the lava rock. the lava rock at red Dome mine is a vary light rock compared to several volcanoes within the same valley which are heavier rock. This value makes Red Dome Lava rock unique. When used on the freeway for descliking grit, it does not chip windshields when flipped up in stormy weather. Other heavy volcanic rock deslicking gtris may chip or shatter windshields of on coming traffic.

red lava rock for landscaping

red lava rock for landscaping

red lava rock for landscaping

red lava rock for landscaping

Some areas are limited to one color because the volcanoes in thier area are of one color only. Red Dome cinder cone volcano is comprised of many different colors ranging from black to grey green and maroon to vibrant orange red. Landscapers can choose from red or black lava rock catogory. A mix of color is present within each color. Sometimes we can see swirls of purple and green with in the black lava rock. Gold highlights and marron hues are often seen in the red lava rock. Once in a while you can see pockets of white in the rock where salts have been trappen with in the magma..

Lava rock is one of the lightest rocks to landscape with. What does that mean to you. It means that you will get more space covered with a ton of material than with gravel, or decorative rock. It is lighter and so it is easier to work with. It will not decompose like bark or wood chips so the yearly maintainence is a minimal cost. In low traffic areas, it almost never needs replacement. Red Dome Lava rock products sells Utah lava rock. No Hawaiian curse.

Red Dome offers lava rocks or cinders for landscaping in five basic catogories.

  • 3/8 minus Red Lava Rocks

    This size includes everything from 3/8 inch rocks down to volcanic sand.
    Ice Melting, Deslicking Grit, Garden Mulching, Cinder Blocks

  • 3/4 inch Lava Rocks

    Popular for walkways or paths

  • 1 inch Lava Rocks

    Great for Drive Ways, Paths or Rock gardens

  • 1 & 1/2 inch Landscape Lava Rock

    Drive ways, Flower Beds, Rock Gardens & BBQs

  • Lava Rock Boulders of all sizes

  • Lawn & Garden Decoration red lava rock for landscaping

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