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Lava Rock Sample

The Lava Rock at Red dome mine is unique!
Why is it so unique?
Because it is much lighter than other lava rock. Our lava rock has a general ratio of two yards to every ton. Others are close to one yard for one ton. However, the smaller it gets the denser it gets so there are less yards per ton.

3/8 inch minus red
3/8 inch minus Chocolate
3/8 inch chip Chocolate
3/4 Inch red
3/4 black
1" red
1" black
1.5 Red Or Black
Yards per Ton

What does this mean?
It means that you get more coverage for a ton. If you are landscaping or doing a construction project, Do you cover AN area with tons or cubic yards? You use cubic yards, so more yards for every ton cost you less to ship.

11" X 8.5" X 5.5"

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Red Lava Rock

Black Lava Rock

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