Lava Rock

Black Lava Rock For Many Uses

Some of the most popular uses for black lava include:
Black lava gravel for driveways
Gravel For walk way or garden paths
Water treatment filters
3/8 size black lava rock for street and highway deslicking gritt
Making Volcano Projects
Waterfall Projects
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 black lava rock for driveways and paths

Black lava rock is what most people think of when they hear the words lava rocks. But that is not all there is. We also have, red lava rock.

You know, volcanoes are very funny. we can be mining black rock and one scoop later it turns to red. So I have to say all black lava rock has some red in it and all red lava rock has black in it. The best we can do is to keep it mostly black and mostly red. Then if it is 50/50 we call it chocolate.

black lava rock volcano projects

Black lava rocks are popular for making volcano and BBQ pit attractions such as this one in Las Vegas.

Black Lava rock varies in color. Sometimes the lava rock is brownish black as it begins to fade to red bron mix. Sometimes it is a brilliant purple and swirls like oil on water. We even see gold covered rocks that have black undertones. Just watching the lava rock pass over the conveyers, you will see a large variet of colors in the black. Red lava rock also varries in many shades of red.

We have Black lava rock in 3/8 minus. that is black lava rock 3/8 inches in size down to black lava sand all in one product. 3/4 inch black lava rock, 1 inch lava rock and 1 & 1/2 inch lava rock. then there are millions of other sizes on up to huge boulders as large as pick up trucks. we can load what ever you would like. Just make sure you truck can haul it!

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