Black Lava Rocks for Landscaping

Red Dome offers black lava rocks or cinders for landscaping in five basic catogories. It is important to note that all sizes are relative to their ability to pass through are screening plant on a certain screen. "Spearing" or the passing through of a longer than desired catogory may occure as our product comes in all different shapes and sizes. Therefore you may see a one inch piece that is 2 to 3 inches long at times. While not very common, it is possible.

Black lava rock can range from a gray green to midnight black. One note: all black has some red in it. While we try to keep it as black as possible, little veins of red run though the Mountain.

We sell Black lava rock by the truck load. Bulk Lava Rock, Wholesale lava rock.

black lava rock for landscaping black lava rock for landscaping 3/4 inch
black lava rock for landscaping one inch
black lava rock for landscaping 1 /12 inch
black lava rock for landscaping Mixed with red lava rock
  • 3/8 minus Black Lava Rocks

    This size includes everything from 3/8 inch rocks down to volcanic sand.
    Ice Melting, Deslicking Grit, Garden Mulching, Cinder Blocks

  • 3/4 inch Black Lava Rocks

    Popular for walkways or paths

  • 1 inch Black Lava Rocks

    Great for Drive Ways, Paths or Rock gardens

  • 1 & 1/2 inch Black Landscape Lava Rock

    Drive ways, Flower Beds, Rock Gardens & BBQs

  • Black Lava Rock Boulders of all sizes

    Lawn & Garden Decoration
  • Order a Sample---> Lava Rock Sample

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