Horticultural Obsidian Granules

Use In Place of Perlite, Vermiculite, and Pumice:

PERLITE is produced by applying 1800 F heat to ordinary Lava or Pumice Rock which expands it. Although it holds moisture it also loses it's quality under use, and can leave unwanted residue. It is used mainly for aeration of soils rather than moisture holding. PH range is normally 7 to 7.5. It is often used instead of washed sand to aerate. The excess fluoride is sometimes a problem, as is the dust.

VERMICULITE is produced by applying 1800 F heat to Mica to expand it. It has been found to be of value in first time use of potting soils. Under high watering it tends to float. Unfortunately for second and third time use, it tends to break down into a gooey state, which is negative to plant growth. PH range is normally 6.5 to 7.2.

RED DOME HORTICULTURAL GRANULES is naturally plant friendly. These particles of foamed obsidian will melt into black glass when subjected to 1800 F heat. The granules have remained in their present state for over 20,000 years. Therefore, you can rely on their indestructible nature,performing their task of controlling moisture and aerating soil without leaching or breakdown. This is why many new types of commercial potting formulas now incorporate Red Dome Horticultural Granules in their mixes. You can use this product with confidence. Red Dome granules will not, by themselves, support fungus, disease or harmful plant predators. PH is the same as for glass, which is to say neutral.


For copies of State and University approved analysis and tests.  Please contact us direct at: (435) 743-8111.


An Excellent Potting Media Additive:
For Loosening Heavy or Clay Garden Soils:
For Root Cuttings:
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